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World AIDS Day !
December 1, 2010, 6:47 pm
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December 1st is always the time of year when the campus is buzzing with activities everywhere and also the time I’ll get a red ribbon and wear it on my jacket. Last night I helped put together and host the Dignitas Youth “Let’s Talk About AIDS” event inviting James Fraser, Alexis McDonald, and Paul Hamel to come speak about their works and student activism. The audience group was diverse and the questions, as you can imagine, were so engaging and thoughts that shook us to the very core. What made the event so amazing was that all three speakers brought various aspects to the issue that addressed everyone’s questions in a different way. I find that the time I spend discussing about other topics with Youth4Health is as equally engaging even if it’s based only on our cultural backgrounds. And it comforts me that more and more are becoming unafraid to discuss sensitive and controversial issues. Especially with AIDS where so much stigma is associated with it, we are all learning to become more vocal.

To celebrate World AIDS Day, I took part in the “The Red Ribbon Dance” video arranged by the University of Toronto International Healh Program (UTIHP) playing a classic hand game with my boyfriend with using red folders. Probably something you remember playing if you were a girl back in elementary school. Let’s all unite and share our compassion with those living with AIDS. Wear red and come out to King’s College Circle today at 3pm and be part of the biggest red ribbon on campus!

(You can find me in this video starting at 1min 40s 😀 )


(This was also a post I made for the Youth4Health website which you can check out here.)