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La Bamboche II
November 7, 2010, 2:46 pm
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La Bamboche(See that green Immunobiology book? I will be a slave to it for the next few weeks.)

La Bamboche Box

La Bamboche MacaronsMacaron Flavors I purchased above: Yuzu, Ume, Pistachio, Cassis, and Amaretto

La Bamboche CroissantsBaked Breads: Regular Croissant, and pain au chocolat

Finally picked up my contact lens today. I’ve been feeling so blind the past couple of months. My procrastination really took a toll on my eyes. Constant headaches in class because of all the squinting I have to do in class which was slightly ameliorated by sitting at the very front (which I hate because I feel like such a keener).

On my way home, I did a big detour to La Bamboche to pick up a few goods. I haven’t been there forever and decided to treat myself well post-midterm slaughter at the University of Toronto (more painful because I’m down at St. George campus). I’ve yet to visit their new location up on Avenue Rd which I will do in a few week since they have an even greater selection of pastry!!

Took pictures with my new Canon Rebel T2i. Extremely excited to play more with my new toys (also recently got a classical guitar). I need to dedicate another post for just my new toys I recently received.

Now, excuse me me while I go munch on a few with my coffee fix…