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Warmth & Aminata Diallo
April 3, 2010, 8:13 pm
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The weather has been great lately, but not as spectacular the weatherman keeps telling us. Hit up the beach yesterday with a beloved in a spring dress with flip flops, but around 4pm. I was fully expecting the 25 degrees to last well into 6-7pm. Sat on a beach towel feeling cold instead and disappointed. My arms are already open to embrace summer but where are you oh sweet warmth?!

An update on my list of books I purchased a few posts back:

The Book of Negroes - Lawrence HillRecently finished the Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill and filled me with some despair but not as much as Dr. James Orbinski’s Imperfect Offering. That book made streams of injustice and deep despair flow down my face. To summarize in a one sentence, it’s a fictional story of a young girl, Aminata Diallo, about 11 rain seasons old taken by people of the slave trade as she desperately tries to find a way back to her village, Bayo, and a new home, and the important role she played to the  society as a survivor while she loses everything and struggles to keep her dignity that hasn’t already been stripped away.   The narration by Hill is amazing and the progression of the protagonist’s worldview is captivating as she flees from one place to another. Although it is a fictional novel, the fact that some aspects of it is highly true makes it hard to swallow. The ending was perfect and leaves the reader feeling something was finally given back to her after so much has already been so unfairly taken away. This book was recommended to me by someone very dear to me and I can’t thank her enough for the great read.

My review is obviously insufficient so here’s more for you to explore. Enjoy!