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A long overdue post
November 23, 2008, 2:27 pm
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Finally certified to drive by myself but just in time for the new driving regulations to be imposed. Lovely. Next on my driving list, do some persuasion so I can conquer the highways.

Other than making people feel scared while I’m behind the wheel (I’m not a bad driver, seriously), these past three months have been sheer pain, agony, stress, and trying to plough through everything. Although, I must admit I have impressed myself with my new studying habits. (You don’t want to know what I was like last year.) My commuting distance and time is pretty good compared to 1.5 hours for the others. Still trying to find a fine balance between studying for all five subjects. I have to say, organic chemistry and I are still not in good terms, as opposed to physics which I was fearing so much about in September. A part of me wishes that I lived in residence but with the massive amounts of distractions, I wouldn’t be able to shun it all away.

As the holidays start making there way here, I have decided I will be cooking up a storm with a book I borrowed from a friend, Joy of Cooking. Time to get all my basics down and be a real home chef, or something like that. I think my mom already knows of this hidden agenda and bought me so much cookingware. She has jokingly stated the kitchen is now my new lab, as long as I don’t blow up anything, or burn any pots. So many recipies and so little time ! Indeed, the joy of cooking…