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Backyard Farming
October 25, 2009, 1:26 pm
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No, I don’t actually own a farm in my backyard, but I do have a very modest tomato plant in a box next to my plum tree. I didn’t actually plant the seed and watch my tomato plant grow, rather I took it up for adoption from my molecular biology summer course laboratory practical. I never actually knew how hairy the stems were until that lab. That particular lab involved shaving some of the tomato hairs on the plant and examining them on a slide. I remember seeing cytoplasmic streaming and Brownian motions of cells in the hairs. I think that would be the only highlight of the lab.

Lots of these “shaved” tomato plants were left over so I decided to take on home also except…before it got to find a nice little place in my backyard, I left it in one of the lockers at the athletic centre. I hadn’t realized until the next time I decided to hit the swimming pool (which was about 3 days) and was about to “mourn” the death of my tomato plant. Turns out it was fine. Very anticlimactic. Dug a hole next to my plum tree and planted it in. Now there’s more than 4 stems growing out from this single tomato plant. It has bore so many babies of various sizes. They’re mostly green at the moment because they haven’t ripened yet. I don’t even know how this process works. I think I’ll need to hit up some gardening books. Although I am quite proud of myself for growing my first tomato plant, I’m not quite sure if they’re edible or not. You’ll know if there’s a next post.