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Equilibria and 惡作劇2吻
February 12, 2008, 10:12 am
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Currently catching up chemical equilibrium readings and homework since I pretty much died according to everyone at school for almost a good week. It’s funny how that everyone’s first reaction when they see me in the halls now is “OMGOSH, you’re at school!” The interesting thing, according to one of my friend, is that teachers still like me even though they never see me in their classes. Every year I always have this phase where I’m just so bored of everything but magically turns better right after. I’d assume these past two months has been like that and now slowly climbing out of this little hole of mine. Now I really need to make sure I have some decent predicted marks for University or be prepared to face my mother’s wrath. Continue reading

December 18, 2007, 1:49 am
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As Ted would say, I’m only a hybrid and not a true ‘fob’. Not that I aspire to be one, but in an attempt to reconnect with the so called ‘chinese culture’, I spend hours and hours watching dramas. Recently, I came across this new taiwanese drama that’s currently airing called 鬥牛要不要 (Bull Fighting). So far it’s pretty good since I’m not into plots where girls are just pretty, but more with the stubborn & athletic personality. This my first time watching Hebe in a drama and I’d say she’s not bad. Mike He and Lee Wei are the main male actors and are just awesome at making the love triangle. The basketball are pretty good since all six of the players actually do know how to play. I think I shall rate this my favourite drama if the ending doesn’t mess up like “Love Contract”. There are lots of funny,touching, romantic, and suspenseful scenes. Just the way I like my dramas.

I can’t wait until the first episode of “It started with a kiss II” comes out. The first one was hilarious since the main actress was stupid but madly in love with a guy that had an IQ of 200. The second would be interesting to see what will unfold since both the main actor and actress are married but more trouble comes along. Hopefully it won’t get too repetitive. Speaking of which “Hana Kimi II” should be out soon as everyone is anxiously and patiently waiting. The ending just left all of us hanging and we’re all dying to know if Ella’s identity is final revealed to Wu Zun. Oh the drama! =P