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Round and plump
August 19, 2009, 10:24 pm
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Day 3 HK:

I was half asleep the entire day and my body kept wanting to go to sleep really badly. Despite all of that, I was starving the morning (which is also the time when I eat my massive dinner in Toronto) at the Immigration office. After waiting for about 3 hours or so, my dad bought a fish burger from the McDonalds to throw something in my stomach. Sad that I gave away my first in like 4 years to a fish burger but still tasted good.

(Disclaimer: the rest of this post might make you hungry)

So then we met up with my dad’s highschool friend and his daughter at Peking Garden (rated 3 Michelin Stars) and had a very decent lunch. My brother really wanted to just devour everything like we normally do in Toronto but refrained ourselves. There’s all these crazy deserts that we had.  There was this bun with caramelized bananas on the inside toped with icing sugar and some other stuff that tasted so unique! A desert that was dipped into beer creating this hard shell while the inside was soft and fluffy with apple was our last desert. Very interesting dishes we had but none of us we’re complaining about the quality one bit.

A pretty light lunch for my brother and I which my dad picked up right away so we headed to this little small restaurant and had the cold tofu dessert. Finished that and walked over to another restaurant to have a bowl of wonton noodles. Let’s just say…Toronto’s version does not compare to the one that’s down in my stomach.

Window shopping at Times Square. I felt like I was walking in Eaton Centre but with all the bloor street designers stores also inside. Tons of American stores (ie. Club Monaco, Zara, Tommy Hilifiger, etc.) which kind of shocked me. My dad called this my pre-shopping as the next week or so I can just go crazy and… We all know what happens next. Made our way through the massive crowds of people around Causeway Bay and went to this Western Style Cafe. For those of you that have ever been to those Cantonese Cafe’s like the Hollywood Cafe beside Market Village in Markham, Ontario, it’s exactly like that. Once more, 10x better no doubt. I also had my first Iced Hong Kong style Milk tea and it is so damn good.

I’ll end this post on a quote that Jenny always says to me when we have beer from a show (don’t know which one). Exactly my sentiments towards HK food.

“You’re like [an awesome] cold beer on a hot summer’s day”

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