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August 13, 2009, 4:54 pm
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For once I’m ordering a drink from  Starbucks that isn’t to keep me awake for the rest of the day. Less taxing on the body. I also haven’t had the greatest sleep in awhile with all that caffeine addiction I’m starting to have. But studying with a cup of London Fog makes studying so much more satisfying. You feel like you’re absorbing your material everything 50% better.

Summer life has been feeling like a massive routine. To celebrate the end of the last course, BIO241, that I’m taking, Shuai and I decided to roam around aimlessly around downtown.  Although we’ve both in the same course for the past 3 months, we haven’t started talking until I bumped into her with another friend at a library. Quite sad actually now that I’m learning how much we have in common.

Suddenly I shouted,

“Let’s get ice cream at Yorkville!!”


While roaming around and letting our stomachs do the leading, we came across Pusateri’s. In the spur of the moment, we went in. Our tastebuds finally got a good kick out of some utterly declicious cakes. It was quite pricey for two small little pieces of cakes but totally worth it. Hmm, lemon strawberry parfait cup and chocolate truffle. Fellas, if you’re looking a way into our hearts… We continued our sugar rush on top of my already immense caffeine load and went  Summer Ice Cream on Yorkville. Came out with crunchy Pistachio ice cream. I have a real liking for it now. It’s really different from the other ice cream in terms of sweetness, flavour and texture. Inulgence & calories… Oh no… Guilty feeling coming. Without realizing, our workout came to us quite quickly as we also decided at the moment to go to the AGO all the way from Yorkville. Yes, the stairs killed.

One thing that makes me somewhat admire contemporary art is how I simply sometimes cannot interpret whatever the artist was trying to convey. But you can’t help it, you’re so science oriented. I remember having a late conversation with Ted expressing my frustration sometimes with art. (Please note that this was really late and I had already been studying 8 hours straight for my exam. Random rantings helps me relieve stress. Basically, I don’t hate art is what I’m trying to say.)

“You know what I hate also… Art”


“I hate when they always give me a blank canvas and expect me to find the answer

Damn art.”

One of my many rantings during that night which turn out to be a comedy show for Ted. But as you can tell now, I’m continuing to type for the sake of something to do. Studying does crazy things to you I tell ya.

Let’s all fly away.

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Pusateri’s is so expensive it makes me want to cry lol. Princeton review building is across the street from it XD

Comment by Ken

I totally know how you feel Ken. But looking at all of their cake selections…I simply could not resist its alluring call. You should have went and got a cake from Pusateri’s to celebrate the end of your course. Good indulgence.

Comment by efunoodles

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