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Smooth like a baby’s cheeks
March 25, 2009, 11:31 am
Filed under: Life

For the past two days my knees have been experiencing those really crappy days where I can’t walk without a noticeable limp. Sitting on the subway yesterday to head to school, I began to brood over my knees and prospect of reinjuring it.  A couple of stations later, a lady sat beside with something huge on her back. At first I though she was carrying some funky looking bag from the corner of my eye. Well, whatever I thought it was happened to be the mother carrying her baby on her back. Catching a few glimpses of the baby, I observed his mother looked white (no racial discrimination intended), but the little baby seemed to mixed with a hint of asian. Regardless, the baby had nice black hair and pink rosy cheeks from the cold. I decided to mind my own buisness until I felt something tugging on my arm. The baby boy stared at me with this adorable “curious” look of his. I smiled back. He giggled and hid his face in his mother’s chest. I gave him my finger to hold and he kept playing “shy” with me. I think my heart almost melted. His mother laughed and commented he just loves attention. Never really had an experience where I was ever overwhelmed by a baby’s cuteness. Definitelywarmed up my heart and almost forgot that I was brooding a few minutes ago. Did my little goodbye to the baby and walked out thinking, “I admit defeat to that baby’s cuteness”.

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