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The seventh must fall !
August 2, 2008, 1:00 pm
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Anyone that has taken at least one music harmony class, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I’m finally making progress in piano theory as I’m taking Grade 4 (Intermediate) Harmony and History this summer. Yes, everyone drones on about having to go to school everyday and the fact that we spend about 4 hours doing homework (for those who actually do it), but I rather like it. I’ve made big improvements in basic harmony progressions, which makes me wonder why I didn’t pay more attention to it back in Grade 3. How I dreaded those dominants sevenths and now there’s the leading note seventh chord and secondary dominants. All the effort spent on doing homework at Robarts have really made me get a better grasp of these basic resolutions. I find Grade 4 history more concentrated on analzying the actual pieces rather than learning the biography of the composers. Definitely much more exciting since I get to really listen to different aspects of the piece. When I stepped foot into those classrooms, the thing that immediately that caught my attention was how the teachers had a starking similarity to other teachers I know.

Harmony teacher. Her teaching reminds me of the Grade 9 version of Ms. Yeganegi (my high school math teacher), but the way she marks our work with us sitting beside her is like my aunt, Professor Clamageran. I actually looked her up and found out she did her doctoral in Moscow, is an expert in contemporary music and the lists continues.

History teacher. It was almost like the music version of Ms. Reichling (my high school chemistry teacher). She’s extremely nice, easy-going but strict in a more relaxed way, and obviously knowledgable in her field. According to the RCM biography, she did her ARCT performers and also got her Bachelor of Music at University of Toronto.

I finally got the new piano syallbus 2008 edition from Remnyi after sadly learning it was all sold out at the Long & McQaude at the RCM school. Unfortauntely, the Pathetique sonata I was working on is not in the Grade 10 list anymore! There is a crossover period for the old & new syllabus until August 2009, but just to be on the safe side (because of the impending university life about to begin), I’ll be working on Sonata #9 in E Op. 14. It’s not as grand as the Pathetique but it does have some passages in the development section I’m looking forward to learn. Becoming a piano teacher is still one of my goals even though my progress isn’t as fast as I would like. My future students, look out for me!

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