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Combo#1: Tucker’s Marketplace & Olympic Controversy

I just finished eating with my dad and brother at Tucker’s Marketplace after they decided to call me right after I was done at the gym. Awesome timing. I haven’t been there for a good 5 years now and I definitely appreciate that kind of food a lot better especially since I’m starting to cook more western food. Their chicken and bacon leek, and along with this potato type chowder was rich, tasteful and was not overly diluted with water like some other places. This pesto was nice, I always wondered what it would taste like since I’ve been eyeing this recipe for a while and wondered whether I should give it a try. I ended my meal with a nice waffle and vanilla ice cream on top, just the way I like it!

During all of this, the three us were engaged into some Tibet and China conversation. According to my father, Tibet is still has distinct classes and each person is restricted to marry in their own class, and their next generation will remain in that class. There is still intense slavery that goes on, and unsurprisingly, the female slaves that don’t obey get raped by their own masters, or the others even get their eyes gouged out. Although these type of slavery has long ago been abolished from China, but Tibet seems to remain unchanged which is, without a doubt, disturbing. I also learned that, there used to be people that killed kids, taking their skulls to make it into a long chain to be wrapped around their neck, and in other instances, they take people’s skin and use it to make drums. There’s been a lot of controversy about Tibet on the internet and in the media, but it’s evident that the western media distort a lot of the information for people to side against China. Majority of the Tibetans are Buddhist or practice the culture of Buddhism, in other words, they believe and follow the five precepts. The first precept is to avoid killing or harming living beings, and hence, many Buddhists are vegetarians. We see the Dalai Lama preaching that violence is not the solution, but why do we see so many Tibetans that are rallying and protesting killing so many of the Han Chinese. Are humans not a living being?

It’s quite sad that the 2008 Being Olympics is being boycotted by all these different countries. The Olympics is a sport that has been and should continue to be celebrated and these kind of politics should not ruin this tradition.

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