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A summation of two weeks
April 9, 2008, 6:55 am
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During the last two weeks,

  • had an awesome extremely belated 17th birthday adventure from Ted.
  • during Ted’s plans I got a chance to take a picture and meet Evgeny Kissin, a Russian pianist. (Cries in a corner at Kissin’s awesomeness)
  • my adventure also happened to be my last day of fun so it was a good way to start off the hardcore studying month of april
  • been working hard and have consistently improved my work/study ethics
  • my schedule everyday has been as followed: wakeup, school, come home, snack, study, piano, study, dinner, piano, study, piano, study. It would explain why my fingers feel stiff and sore.

Lately everything has been more stressed, particularly since our teachers are rushing to finish whatever we have not covered for the IB exams. Math is the only subject that we’re actually done learning but the review of everything is going to pain which I’m more than worried about. I’m dreading analytical chemistry partly because Ted has stressed to me it’s difficulty, as if I’m not struggling with chemistry already. This past month and a bit has been a dramatic change in study habits, not because of my nagging Chinese parents, but I’ve been feeling more motivated. I think I nailed my English presentation today even though half the class was asleep, as long as my teacher who’s marking isn’t. It’s interesting how my English improved dramatically ever since September. I was redoing my World Literature Paper I and realized just how crappy and non-nonsensical my writing was back then. Well, I’m excited to get our marks back for that English Presentation and see whether what my teacher told me after class is true or not. Damn, I feel good. *insert “I feel good” music here*

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