i've got the cure for you

From 05.08.2007
December 29, 2007, 12:06 am
Filed under: i don't know where to put this

i remember when he yelled at us because we had done something wrong again. he told us to leave and never to come back again. we were in tears begging him to let us stay, that we would be good. as our form of punishment, he told us to kneel outside on the porch and hold on to our ears. we reluctantly stepped out the front door. it was bitter cold outside so we huddled as close as we could. he quickly shut the door, went out from the side door and got into the car. he started the engine and we watched him drove away. he asked me whether he was going to come back home. i didn’t have an answer. tired because it was late at night, we decided to stop kneeling. wearing only thin pj’s, we huddled closer and cried together while taking turns in comforting each other. ten minutes passed and we had already given hope of coming back. trying to make the best out of the situation, we tried to sleep despite the biting cold. i never felt so abandoned in my life. this time, i felt like that again except without anyone beside me on the steps. just me to help comfort myself. just me wiping my own tears with my sleeves.

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