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highly annoying.
December 14, 2007, 9:07 pm
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Around this time, I always get this feeling that I had ever since grade 8. This sense of boredom of going to school every single day, the same building, same classrooms, and same schedule.  Over the years, I haven’t thought as much about it hence I’ve been skipping less. I still remember Grade 9 being absent for 46 days in just first semester. Impressive for someone that was still able to maintain good grades. I think my dad’s logic really affected the way I looked at school, even up to now. Though this year, I have been working significantly harder than before. I’d like to blame the whole ‘IB syndrome’ as we call at VP but then that’s just pushing the limits.

I think I only have about 2-4 real friends at VP but most of the time, I often feel neglected, as if they don’t care nor even want to take the initiative to do anything. Maybe it just so happens my character isn’t like that and I seek reciprocity. It is in a way selfish but it does help differentiate the mature and immature. It’s not only disappointing to be treated like that, but also to each other. I want to leave this school as soon as I graduate and head to UT with my ‘brothers’. Not because I’m some form of social outcast here, it’s just somewhat annoying. Ted, it’s all your fault.

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