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November 24, 2007, 3:31 am
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One of my favourite songs from Jay Chou, 不能说的秘密(a secret cannot be told). Personally, I liked the movie, I blame all the piano playing in it since I’m really into it myself. Without further rambling…click more for the lyrics.



在荡着秋千 梦开始不甜

又何必去改变 已错过的时间
你用你的指尖 阻止我说再见
想象你在身边 在完全失去之前

你说把爱渐渐 放下会走更远
或许命运的签 只让我们遇见
只让我们相恋 这一季的秋天
飘落后才发现 这幸福的碎片


The cold coffee leaves the coaster
I hold my feelings very far back

I work hard wanting to get the past back
You can still see it as always clearly on my face

The most beautiful thing wasn’t the rainy day
It was the leaves that you and I once took shelter under from the rain

The images of our memories
As I’m swinging on the swing
The dream starts to not be sweet

You say gradually let go of love
Then you will walk farther
Why go changing
The time that has already been missed

You use your fingertip
To stop me from saying goodbye
I imagine you by my side
Before I completely lose you

You say gradually let go of love
Then you will walk farther
Perhaps the lot of fate
Only let us meet

Only let us love each other
For this one season of autumn
I only discover after they float down
The fragments of this happiness
How am I going to pick them up?

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